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We provide virtual and in-person services.

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What's the difference between therapy + coaching?

  • Therapy focuses on treating mental health and psychological conditions and resolving problematic behaviors, beliefs, emotions, and relationships.​

  • Coaching focuses on action-oriented strategies to help you accomplish goals for the present and future.

  • Therapy often encourages attention to past life experiences in order to cultivate understanding of patterns of behavior based on biological and environmental factors in order to develop new and healthy patterns of behavior in the present and future.

  • Coaching encourages formulating plans-of-action to achieve current and future goals and offers accountability in achieving them.

  • Therapy is often covered by health insurance benefits, and in such cases requires a medical diagnosis in order for insurance benefits to apply.

  • Coaching is an investment of time and energy, and coaching is not covered by health insurance benefits.

  • Therapy is typically considered a reactive approach, for example seeking treatment to solve a problem or to treat current symptoms of a mental health disorder.

  • Coaching is typically considered a proactive approach, for example adopting healthy behaviors in order to prevent symptoms or unhealthy outcomes.

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