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Guest on the Psychology Radiocast Podcast

Considerations For Launching a Group Practice in Psychology - Dr. Allison Otto and Dr. Lyz DeBoer

Podcast Description: 
In this episode, licensed psychologists Dr. Allison Otto and Dr. Lyz DeBoer discuss considerations when launching a group practice. Dr. Otto is a co-owner, with her husband, of Otto Psychological Associates. She shares helpful strategies from her own experience in transitioning from a solo to group practice. Conducted in an interview style, Dr. Otto outlines considerations regarding planning, organizing, startup costs, staffing, administrative support, allocation of resources, and optimizing performance and flow. She emphasizes the power of seeking consultation, mentoring, and support from other professionals in the field and identifies tips for enlisting necessary resources. Dr. Otto and Dr. Lyz discuss potential challenges and also provide proactive tips for achieving success in line with your goals!

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