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Guest on The Therapeutic Perspective Podcast,
"How to Start a Group with Dr. Lyz"

Podcast Description: 
"In this episode we are going to talk about running groups. I have seen more and more clinicians on the messaging boards pose questions about starting groups and how to manage them safely in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. I find that in these socially distant circumstances of the pandemic and the weight and stress of this global crisis, mental health clinicians are wanting to bring people together safely in order to fuel healing and relief from emotional isolation. We are going to cover the group basic and process of forming a group and then dive into running virtual groups and managing group dynamics. With us today we have Dr. Lyz of Nazareth, PA. Lyz DeBoer Kreider, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in both New York and Pennsylvania. Dr. Lyz is the founder and owner of Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Dr. Lyz earned her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Lehigh University in 2011. She specializes in nurturing the mind-body-spirit connection to promote joyful, purposeful living; health and wellness; optimal performance; authentic connection with self and others; and harmony in the home."

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