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Dream. Design. Deliver. 

At Visionistas By Design, we collaborate to help you align your energy - body, mind, heart, soul, + spirit - with your values, mission, and vision. Our passion: empowering confidence, authenticity, and excellence in your life, love, and biz. Let’s get you - and your team - to the next level!


We offer: 1. Consultation and Training Programs for Service-based Teams; 2. Mental Health Treatment- group, individual, couples; 3. Relationship Coaching (brides, premarital couples, + committed couples); & 4. Live Workshops - our *Illumination Circles* for women are designed to help you cultivate clarity, connection, and direction; our *Grounding with Gratitude Gatherings* help you relax, reset, and realign - immerse yourself in nature to help clear your mind, relax your body, and achieve balance.

Tune In! -“Empowered By Design Podcast with Dr. Lyz": provides psychological tips and inspiration for mental health + wellness, love+relationships, balance+harmony, and vision. Ask us about our *Mental Health+Wellness Ambassadors Program* - a consultation and training program for leaders, helpers, and service-based professionals, emPOWERing confidence, healthy communication skills, and team-building.

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Client Testimonials

Amanda + Nick

“The premarital coaching program was truly a positive experience for us before our wedding. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about ourselves, about each other’s love languages, and the discussions that developed after the information we shared. Thank you for the great sessions! And champagne!


We are so glad that we had the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing program.”

Client, 2022

"I love how you help us take our weaknesses, or what we think are bad parts of our relationship, and help us see them as strengths!"

Healthy By Design Participant -

Spring 2021

“I used to focus strictly on my appearance and now I have a better understanding of the connection that my heart, soul and spirit play in my well-being. … I have a different perspective on my body and body image than I had before. Once I got to a point where I accepted myself for who I am, my self- image soared. It was no longer about what I looked liked, what I had, what I did for a living, it is now about WHO I AM! What a thing to celebrate!”

Healthy By Design Participant - Spring 2021

During our final coaching call, K said, “I was really stressed out when I started and feeling burnt out more often than not. I took it [the resiliency assessment] at the beginning of the course and just re-took it. My [resiliency] score went, I think that is remarkable!”, and, “my goal [for the program] was to gain more self-esteem/confidence and finally get myself healthy...I am happy to report that I have been working with a personal trainer for almost a month. I am actually looking at myself on my computer right now and am calling myself pretty. I have not said that in so long about myself. It is so cool.“

Hannah Bennett
Visionistas Team Member
Healthy By Design Contributor

"In watching the videos and completing the journal prompts, I found myself immediately deepening my relationship with myself. The videos provided insight to patterns in my behavior and allowed me to look at myself - body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit - in a new light. The journal prompts allowed me to ponder and ask myself the questions I never thought to. During the group coaching calls, I found myself sharing advice…and then realizing that I may need to take some of it myself! As time went on and I was beginning to implement more and more of my newfound knowledge into my life, I knew this program played a key part in it.
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GPS Directions:

Our address is 15 East Walnut Street in Nazareth.  The address entry for GPS services will bring you to the building with access to on-street parking on East Walnut Street.  For access to the parking lot from South Spruce Street, use the GPS entry: 132 South Spruce Street, Nazareth.  After reaching that residential address, make your next immediate right turn into the parking lot, just before the stop sign at the corner of South Spruce Street and East Walnut Street.  

Visionistas By Design 

Wellness Boutique

with Dr. Lyz

15 E. Walnut Street, Nazareth, PA 18064


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Be yourself here. 

We support and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion for all - people of

all races, ethnicities, religions,

abilities, gender identities,

and sexual orientations.

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