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Group Therapy Programs

Contact 610-365-5042 to set up your free, 15-minute consultation to discuss your interest in our Group Therapy Programs.


Adult Interpersonal Process Therapy Group

This mixed gender adult therapy group is appropriate for individuals who are interested in enhancing relationships, improving stress-management skills, and feeling more connected with others.

Contact Dr. Lyz for a complimentary consultation to determine if this group might be right for you.

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How can group therapy help me?

Group therapy is a powerful modality designed to enhance your progress on treatment goals.  Participation in a therapy group can lead to enhanced relationships, increased self-confidence, increased comfort in social situations, and deeper connections with others.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

Benefits of group therapy include:  offering a space for support, understanding, validation, and accountability; encouraging the practice of anxiety and/or depression management skills; emphasizing honest, genuine communication; providing opportunity for interpersonal exploration and growth; and encouraging the building of trusting relationships.

How does group therapy work?

Group members are encouraged to offer support and validation to each other within the context of the group setting, to respect the privacy of other group members, and to provide other members with honest feedback in the here-and-now. Group members are empowered to build trusting relationships, to work on achieving personal treatment goals, and to practice new behaviors within a safe and supportive environment. 


Do I have to come every week?

Participation in group therapy requires a commitment to the program and to yourself.  In order to achieve full benefits of group therapy treatment, regular attendance is essential. Members are encouraged to share honest reactions about comfort and efficacy of the group therapy program with the group members and group facilitator(s).

The Group Therapy Program will follow an academic calendar year in approximate 3-month (season) intervals:  Fall Season:  September through December; Winter Season:  January through March; Spring Season:  April through June and Summer Season:  June through September.  Participation in group therapy requires a commitment to the program following the season intervals. 

For optimal benefits of group therapy, members are encouraged to participate for two or more consecutive group therapy seasons.

Group members are encouraged to provide the group with notice of plan to continue group membership at least two weeks prior to final group session of the season interval.  This expectation allows members time to process the experience of group therapy, and planned termination of member(s), within the group therapy context.

How much does group therapy cost?

Pricing for membership in on-going therapy groups

  • $50 per session for private-pay clients

  • Payment options:  $50 weekly or discounted rate of $140 for monthly payment

Blue Cross / Blue Shield health insurance claims will be processed, per client-specific plan, for members who utilize health insurance benefits.  Check with your insurance company to determine coverage reimbursement for Out of Network plans.  Payment of client-applicable fees (i.e., co-payment/co-insurance/deductible) will be processed weekly for attended sessions.  Missed appointments are not covered by health insurance.

All clients that are deemed out-of-network or opt to utilize self-pay options instead of insurance benefits are entitled to a Good Faith Form per the No Surprises Act. For more information, head to

How do I join a therapy group?

Contact Dr. Lyz at 610-365-5042 or to schedule a complimentary pre-group consultation to determine if

participation in a therapy group might be right for you. 

Learn more about group therapy at:

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