Looking for a day or two per week out of your home office? Craving connection with other professionals? ⁠

We have office space for rent in Nazareth PA with flexible scheduling options!⁠ ⁠ If you are a professional seeking a new office space or a work space away from home, look no further! At Visionistas By Design we are a business that loves celebrating ”Dreams Come True”. Come, share our space and charming ambiance!⁠ ⁠

Inviting aesthetic, shared welcome room and kitchenette, off-street parking, protected WiFi, security system, and empowering, peaceful energy! Furnished with flexible decor and the invitation to design your vibe. Excellent space for wellness professionals and beyond - therapists, healers, writers, creators, etc. ⁠ 

Contact us at 610-365-5042 or connect@visionistasbydesign.com.



Based on six month agreement/contract

Shared private office space.
Private office space ranging from 195 square feet (13x15) to 225 square feet (15x15).
Event space 645 square feet (15x43) that can be used for events, group gathering, workshop, etc. 
Security deposit = one month of rent free.

1 day per week


2 days per week


3 days per week


4 days per week


5 days a week


Contact us at connect@visionistasbydesign.com or 610-365-5042.