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Hannah Bennett

Team Administrator + Media Coordinator

Hannah has always been passionate about empowering others; helping people to discover + love themselves as they progress through different stages of life. She joined the Visionistas Team as a sophomore in college, dreaming of helping people on their journey through life with self-love and confidence. Since then, she has contributed to and designed several Visionistas programs and workshops with this goal in mind - she has even gone on her own journey of self-growth with what she has learned! Now a second year Master’s student pursuing a degree in counseling psychology, Hannah is eager to continue to grow and learn at Visionistas!


Get to know Hannah!

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Bennett, and I am the Visionistas Team Administrator at Visionistas By Design.⁠
I began collaborating with Dr. Lyz in 2019 as a summer intern. Since then, I have grown to embody the true message of Visionistas By Design. ⁠
In the years since, both Visionistas and I have grown. Dr. Lyz and I Dreamed of what Visionistas could be; have Designed social media posts, activities, and different events together; and have truly begun to Deliver the spirit of Visionistas to everyone. ⁠ I am so excited to be a part of this team and to further grow and develop within Visionistas. ⁠
So please be sure to check out our website as well as our Instagram and Facebook, @VisionistasByDesign. If you head over there, you can see some of our inspirational posts and quotes, and also see some fun activities and events coming up! ⁠
~ Hannah


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