Hannah Bennett, B.A.

Social Media + Administrative Coordinator

Hannah Bennett is a graduate of Bloomsburg University! She earned her bachelor of arts degree in Psychology in May of 2021. Hannah has worked with Dr. Lyz at Visionistas By Design as an Intern throughout the summers of 2019 and 2020. She officially became a part of the Visionistas Team in December of 2020. Hannah is excited to work further with Dr. Lyz and Visionistas By Design as she moves into the next phases of her life - including attending Marywood University to earn her Master's in Psychology! 


Get to know Hannah!

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Bennett, and I am the Visionistas Team Administrator at Visionistas By Design.⁠

I began collaborating with Dr. Lyz in 2019 as a summer intern. Since then, I have grown to embody the true message of Visionistas By Design. ⁠

In the years since, both Visionistas and I have grown. Dr. Lyz and I Dreamed of what Visionistas could be; have Designed social media posts, activities, and different events together; and have truly begun to Deliver the spirit of Visionistas to everyone. ⁠ I am so excited to be a part of this team and to further grow and develop within Visionistas. ⁠

So please be sure to check out our website as well as our Instagram and Facebook, @VisionistasByDesign. If you head over there, you can see some of our inspirational posts and quotes, and also see some fun activities and events coming up! ⁠

~ Hannah


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