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Speaking + Consultation: About Us
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Make More Money!!

Empowering professional women LEVEL UP in career and business.

Discomfort around the topic of money creates energetic conflict, clouds your energetic space, and blocks the flow of money.  

Download my FREE guide to learn some common energetic BLOCKS that might be getting in your way of attracting the money you desire. 

*BONUS* - the guide includes tips to shift your energy TODAY so that you will

Remove your Energetic Money BLOCKS and Attract the Money FLOW!

Speaking + Consultation: Welcome

LEAD with LOVE: A refreshing and empowering approach to relational, visionary leadership.

  • Explore your Identity

  • Define your Core Values

  • Build your Dream Team

  • Attract your Ideal Clients

  • Maintain Healthy Connections

  • Ascend to your Highest Potential!

We design a specialized program based on your values, goals, and vision.

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Our Core Values

At Visionistas By Design we strive to LEAD with LOVE.

Love Heals. We EMPOWER you to FLY!

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Speaking + Consultation: About
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PEAK Performance

Life|Work Passion+Balance

Aligning: | Energy + Values | => Vision

+ prevent burnout

+ optimize performance

+ increase self-awareness

+ prioritize life|work balance

+ maintain healthy relationships

+ maximize joy.

We design a specialized program based on your values, goals, and vision.

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Old Study

Sexual Attraction and Transference Concerns

Professional Consultation and Supervision

  • Navigate attraction, intimacy, and transference concerns

  • Explore conscious and unconscious processes affecting professional relationships

  • Discuss ethical considerations

  • Maintain healthy boundaries

Speaking + Consultation: About
Group Therapy

Design a Group Therapy Program

For Therapists and Mental Health Providers

Let's connect and discuss how I can help you establish and grow a thriving group therapy program in your practice.

Speaking + Consultation: About Us

Empowered By Design Podcast

Love Heals.


Psychological tips, strategies, and inspiration for mental health, balance, connection, + vision.

Interested in starting your own podcast? Looking for direction? I can help! Click the link below to schedule a complimentary consultation with me.

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Speaking + Consultation: About
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