Aliya Kenyatta, LSW

Relationship & Dating Specialist

Aliya Kenyatta is a Licensed Social Worker who specializes in empowering you to create and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships.  Aliya earned her bachelor’s degree in African American Studies from Temple University and earned her master’s degree in Social Work from Marywood University.  Aliya offers dating coaching, couples coaching, and counseling services for individuals and groups.  Her approach will empower you to break out of unhealthy patterns, to improve your overall wellness, and to enhance relationships.

Dating Coaching:
Healthy relationships don’t just happen. They are intentionally created and maintained. And there’s a process available to help guide you there. As your dating coach, Aliya will not only help you understand the process, but she will be there every step of the way to prevent you from returning to unhealthy patterns and methods of dating. 


$200 per session (50-55 minutes)

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Individual Counseling:

Aliya will work with you to develop healthy behaviors and strategies to alleviate your current stress.  Using a collaborative, empowering approach, she will help you explore your identity, your interpersonal style, and your life experiences.  Aliya will empower you to increase your self-awareness, to build skills that effectively cope with stress and anxiety, and to align your behaviors with your goals.


$100 per session (50-55 minutes)

Couples Coaching:

Aliya’s work with romantic couples will empower you to rediscover love, to enhance intimacy, and to design a path to lasting connection. She will collaborate with you to alleviate current stress, to decrease relational discord, and to invite healthy affection, communication, and connection.


5-session package, $650

-or- $150 per session (50-55 minutes)

Monthly Subscriptions

(must purchase one of the packages prior) 

4 Sessions $750 

2 Sessions $350 

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Get to Know Aliya!

I’m Aliya Kenyatta, Licensed Social Worker and heartbreak specialist. I work with busy professionals and entrepreneurs who are experiencing heartbreak. You’re already overwhelmed with your job, business, family, friends and everything else it takes to keep your life running efficiently. 


When relationship problems are added to the mix, they have the ability to disrupt your whole operation and wreak havoc. Because you already understand how beneficial it is to recruit help when needed, you can imagine how helpful it will be to have a relationship specialist on your team. 


I’ll help you move through the difficult process of heartbreak. Complete the form below to schedule a free consultation, so we can get your life back to running smoothly. 


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