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Dr. Lyz &
Visionistas By Design


Healthy By Design,

a 6-week virtual interactive workshop 

empowering women to accomplish their

personal wellness goals. 

In the video below, Dr. Lyz and the Expert Collaborators explain the components of the workshop.  If you are ready to make the commitment to yourself, your goals, and this program, follow the link to register.

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Healthy By Design Expert Collabo Team

Spring 2020

Spa Stones

Healthy By Design

Interactive Virtual Workshop

Participation will empower you to: 

1.  Create your Wellness Vision.
2.  Identify the components of balanced health.
3.  Explain the significance of nutrition, physical activity, mind/body/spirit connection, and resilience on your overall wellness
4.  Take action to improve the way you look and feel!

The workshop includes:

- Instructional videos with accompanying activities to help you design and accomplish personal wellness goals;  

- Weekly interactive video conference meetings with Dr. Lyz and special appearances by collaborating experts in health/wellness, image/style, and fitness; 

- Accountability Program - Opportunity for connection, encouragement, and support via private social media group forum in-between weekly video conference meetings.

Woman on a Deserted Road

Healthy By Design Program Schedule

Guest Collaborators' areas of Expertise:
Vision/Goals; Mindset and Nutrition; Healthy Relationships with self and others; Physical Fitness; Style/Image; Mind/Body/Spirit; Resilience; Passion, Purpose, Empowerment

Tuesday evenings from 8:00pm to 9:00pm EST
May 12 through June 16

Workshop Sessions

Dr. Lyz will facilitate the Healthy By Design interactive workshop via video conference with workshop participants.  And the weekly Featured Expert Collaborator will present on her area of expertise.

Yoga by the Ocean


Healthy By Design Spring 2020 Workshop will be offered at no charge to participants.

In response to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, we ask that participants "pay it forward" by donating time, energy, and/or financial resource to first-responders, front-line personnel, and/or a local small business in your geographic area.

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

Theodore Roosevelt

Terms and Conditions

Your registration and participation in any workshop activities signifies your consent for participation and agreement to not hold any participating parties liable. The workshop series, Healthy By Design 2020 Virtual Workshop, hosted by Visionistas By Design and featuring Dr. Lyz and guest collaborators, is designed to be psychoeducational in nature.  It is not individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, or medical advice.  The workshop series is not a replacement for necessary medical or mental health treatment.  All material presented during the workshop series should be considered informational in nature.  It is advised that you consult with your primary care physician, or any specialists with whom you have a medical relationship for health-related care or services, regarding any personal questions of a medical nature that might arise during the course of the workshop.

Sneak Peak!

Healthy By Design 2020 Virtual Workshop Meet the Expert Collaborators

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