Our Mission

Dream, Design, Deliver.

The mission of Visionistas By Design, founded by Dr. Lyz, is to empower you to achieve your dreams by providing education, consultation, and inspiration in a convenient, strategic fashion.

The Visionistas By Design Formula – Dream, Design, Deliver – is a fluid process that will

inspire personal growth and self-understanding.

Engage in the journey of self-discovery to enhance emotional, physical, and spiritual health;

 to foster healthy connections with others;

 to give space, meaning, and vision to your inner desires;

 and to welcome the delivery of joy!

Visionistas By Design focuses on outreach, advocacy, and empowerment while increasing awareness of the connection between mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being.

A portion of the proceeds from workshops and events offered by Visionistas By Design is donated to charities benefiting survivors of abuse and trauma.


Visionistas By Design Wellness Boutique


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