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Life + Love Coaching

We help you reignite your passion and romance using the signature Dream, Design, Deliver formula to rediscover your love, enhance intimacy, and design a path to lasting connection.

At Visionistas By Design, we can work with you to design and deliver the love and life of your dreams,

at every stage of the love game. 

From single and looking to partnered but struggling  -we can help!

Love doesn't have to be this hard.  And, you deserve to enjoy the love you desire.  Don't give up on love!!!

The Visionistas By Design

Dream Date Program will empower you to

  • tune into your inner desires

  • get back in touch with your soul

  • rediscover who you are, and

  • uncover what you truly desire AND deserve

  • feel more confident, and less scared, to pursue the love of your dreams!! 

Click below to learn more about how the Visionistas By Design 

Dream Date Program can help you design and deliver the love of your dreams.

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