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Healthy By Design Collabo Team

Spring 2020

Dr. Lyz and Visionistas By Design are looking for…

  • Nutritionist/Wellness Coach

  • Image/Beauty Consultant

  • Style/Fashion Consultant

  • Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with

Dr. Lyz and Visionistas By Design in empowering women

to accomplish their personal wellness goals with this 

free on-line workshop,

Healthy By Design. 

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Healthy By Design Program Schedule

Topics of expert collaborators:
Nutrition; Physical Fitness; Style/Image/Fashion; Mind/Body/Spirit; Resilience

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 8:00pm EST

Collaborators Intro

Dr. Lyz will introduce the Healthy By Design program. Expert collaborators will introduce themselves and their areas of expertise.  This will be a closed zoom meeting with Dr. Lyz and workshop collaborators.  The meeting will be recorded and posted in the private workshop forum for participants to view prior to the first interactive workshop session.

Tuesday evenings from 8:00pm to 9:00pm EST
May 12 through June 16

Workshop Sessions

Dr. Lyz will facilitate the Healthy By Design interactive workshop via video conference with workshop participants.  Featured Expert Collaborator will present on specific topic, order of presentations to be determined.

This 6-week virtual workshop will empower individuals to achieve their personal wellness goals by providing information, support, and accountability. ​

Expectation of expert collaborators will include your:

  • Attendance to the first video conference where you will deliver a brief introduction of yourself and your area of expertise (presentation time - approximately 5 minutes)

  • Attendance to the video conference, focused on your area of expertise, where you will deliver an interactive lesson to participants including delivery of information and time for answering questions from participants (presentation time - approximately 30 minutes)

  • Optional attendance to any other video conference meetings

  • Optional participation in Accountability Program via private social media group forum

If you are interested in discussing the opportunity to collaborate and offer your expertise, please submit the form below. 

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I'm Interested in Collaborating!!

Upon submission, your form will be privately delivered to Visionistas By Design personnel.

Thanks for submitting!

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Please note, this workshop will be offered at no charge to participants, and the opportunity offers no monetary compensation to experts.

Expert collaborators will be chosen based on experience, knowledge, and commitment to effective and engaging delivery of information and support to participants.

For more information, email:

or call 610-428-4825

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

Theodore Roosevelt

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