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Design + Grind Accountability Program

The Design + Grind Accountability Program is appropriate for women with serious desire and motivation to achieve personal and/or professional goals in line with their vision.

Participation in the Design + Grind Accountability Program will include attendance to small, intimately structured monthly group sessions with expectation to discuss progress on goals and to provide feedback and support to other participants.  Members will be encouraged to design a specific plan to accomplish stated goals and to align behaviors with those goals during the time between sessions.

*Completion of the Dream, Design, Deliver Program is encouraged but not required.

Monthly program dates to be determined based on group size of 5-8 members.

5-session package (per member), $100

- or $30 per session (55-60 minutes)

**Visionistas Accountability Special**

Discounted rate for registration with a group of 3 or more:

5-session group package, $75 each member

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